A brand respected by clients for competence, by execution of quality and safety works. Occupational health and safety, an integrated part in our company’s performance, represents a shared responsibility (beneficiary-customer), the objectives of each employee being customized and adapted according to the standards of each beneficiary.

HSE represents an essential part of each action performed. These are managed attentively and in close cooperation with customers, subcontractors, suppliers and other partners.

S.C. Criomec S.A. makes continuous efforts regarding HSE on site constructions in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Zero accidents;
  • Safe and healthy work conditions for all personnel working with or for us;
  • High quality products and services, safely executed with an emphasis on environmental protection;
  • Responsible use of human resources.

On construction sites, HSE is the first step to starting a project. Our Integrated Management System provides a complete set of tools for managing our activities.

To ensure good organisation and planning, S.C. Criomec S.A. procedures and systems apply to all our sites and we focus on a wide range of issues specific to HSE in the planning phase of each project. These include:

  • Identification of relevant legal requirements and other aspects concerning HSE;
  • Identification of hazards specific to the project;
  • Preparation of HSE concepts specific to the project (programmes and procedures);
  • Coordination of programmes and procedures specific to the project, with subcontractors;
  • Planning of construction site organisation.

At start of project, CRIOMEC S.A. management establishes clear management and responsibility lines for site coordinators to team leaders.

We also designate the staff to monitor our performance at any time (risk analysis and audits) and continuously improve HSE aspects afferent to the projects that the company is involved in.