Criomec SA

CRIOMEC SA – is present on the Romanian market of production and industrial services since 1994, applicable in the fields of: petrochemistry, technical gases, cryogenics, metallurgy, thermo-energetic installations, dynamic equipments and turbo aggregates.

As general contractor, CRIOMEC can accomplish complex industrial projects, offering integrated solutions that include services such as: design, supply, execution and montage, commissioning and maintenance, for all technical disciplines involved: civil works, technological installations, dynamic equipments, electrical installations and automation.

With a multidisciplinary staff of over 300 employees qualified in professions such as: mechanics, refrigeration, metallurgy, welding, civil works, electrical networks, automations and dynamic equipments, CRIOMEC can approach any type of industrial activity:

  • Design and construction of industrial installations;
  • Civil works;
  • Execution and montage of technological installations: petrochemical, metallurgical energetic and cryogenic;
  • Montage of electrical installations and automations;
  • Montage and maintenance of dynamic equipments, such as: compressors, turbo compressors, pumps, fans;
  • Steel structures.